ARC: Infinite Harmony (Shifters & Seers #2) by Tammy Blackwell

In the second book of the Shifters & Seers series, Infinite Harmony,  Tammy Blackwell sucks the reader back into the world of shifters, seers and other beloved supernatural creatures. I’ve been a huge fan of Blackwell’s work. Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone but I recommend that you start with the Timber Wolves trilogy. (You’ll understand what’s going on in the background a bit more.) I was fortunate enough to receive an eARC and I was super excited to dive in. I devoured this book in one sitting, and I absolutely adored it!

20417132Ada Jessup lives for the moment, knowing the promise of tomorrow can be all too easily broken.

Joshua is an Immortal, a heavenly warrior who will still be fighting long after the rest of the Alpha Pack have turned to dust.

When a gunshot wound forces Joshua to tell Ada the truth of what he is, there is more at risk than the safety of the Alphas he’s sworn to protect. For Joshua, the real danger is the way he feels drawn to the human girl. After all, what can the future hold for a girl whose days are numbered and a boy whose life has no end?

I’m continually amazed by Blackwell’s ability to create realistic characters in supernatural settings. She captures the essence of humanity and fills her characters with life. Her books cover contemporary issues in a sensible, grounded way that allows the reader to decide for themselves. The talent it takes to pull that off and write an entertaining, fulfilling novel blows my mind.

This book follows Joshua, the immortal, and Ada, a girl with an illness. I loved the irony of a man who can’t die falling in love with the girl who’s terminally ill. Their story was heart-warming and sweet, funny and passionate. I was in love with these two. I particularly enjoyed how Joshua was such a believable character. I thought the way it was explained that Joshua could be both 80 and 19 years old at the same time was very clever and logical, making the love between Joshua and Ada that much more beautiful.

The underlying theme of life and death was beautifully done. I loved how the more “supernatural” incidents were addressed like reality with the same consequences based on life-changing decisions. In the same way, I appreciated how this book talked about religion and belief, by presenting it as the world knows it, but leaving the reader to draw their own conclusions, just as the character Ada finds her own way. To me, it was inspiring to see. I hope this book inspires others to forge their own path.

Throughout the book, we get glimpses into the life of Scout and Liam, Charlie and Maggie and all the other characters from this series and the Timber Wolves series. I love these characters and their world. I want to live there! The book wrapped up nicely with some major hints towards the direction of the next book. I’m eager to read more. If it’s written by Tammy Blackwell, it’s a given that I’m going to read it, and you should too.

This book will be released October 14, 2014.

Thank you Tammy Blackwell for a copy in exchange for an honest review!

STARS: 5 out of 5

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