About Me

529910_10101999309684210_1679755801_nHi, I’m Kristyna Selph.

I’m a 20-something book lover who has a taste for Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal and Fantasy Novels. I also delve into Urban Fantasy and Adult Romance quite frequently.

When I read, I get this feeling. My heart is beating, my breath comes fast, and there is electricity flying through my veins, roaring to get out. My obsession with books began when I realized how this feeling — this adrenaline rush — is what I was made for. I can’t be the only one that screams in frustration when the end of a dearly-loved novel is a cliffhanger and you have to wait an ENTIRE YEAR for the next one; or laughs out loud in a silent room full of people because, yes, books can make you laugh out loud; or spends my day pondering the events/emotions of fictional characters; or allows books to completely and utterly take over my subconscious to the point of Euphoria/Distress/Anger/Melancholy/Insert Emotion Here in my everyday life.

Conclusion, I love to read. I love to live in another world, just for awhile. I love the way that reading words can paint a very real picture in my mind, ten times more beautiful than any HDTV screen.  I love that I can confuse myself about whether I read or watched a certain book/movie because they both create images in my head. I love the impact that reading has on peoples’ lives, because it certainly does in mine. I want to be part of that; I want to share that, and that is the purpose of this blog.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Kristyna, This is a great website. I love the way you write, with such emotion. It is very appealing and charming. You are very talented. We share a lot in common besides a birthday. I am going to be writing a newpaper column soon on genealogy. It will be published once a month in our local paper, the Houston Home Journal. I just submitted my first article today. I will let you know when it come out. Love, Gramma Bobara

  2. Hi Kristyna, thanks so much for following my blog! I’m a huge YA and fantasy lover too, they’re my two favourite genre and I can never get enough of them.
    I’ve definitely experienced that rush of adrenaline when faced with a good book, it makes you feel so alive. 🙂

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