Cover Reveal: Here Lies Love by Dan Thompson

I’m honored to be part of the cover reveal for Dan Thompson’s YA novel, Here Lies Love, which comes out in April 2014. It’s always fun to get the first peek and now you will too!

Here Lies Love Promo Cover

When she is sold by her father, Abbey discovers that nightmares can occur when you’re awake. Trapped inside a wooden cage, Abbey is forced to listen to the horrors and atrocities above; time ticking down until it is her turn. But Abbey isn’t prepared to become a victim; she will escape.

Although, what Abbey isn’t prepared for, is how harsh and unfair the world can be. With the sun turning its back on humanity long ago, life gives no opportunity. The only thing Abbey can do is learn to survive. To exist. And that means stealing any opportunity that comes her way. Haunted by the unpleasant memories bestowed upon her only nurtures Abbey’s paranoia, until she realises that to truly live in the world, she must confront the person who was responsible for her misfortune – her father.

Here Lies Love is a tale of actuality, of facing up to the fact that love comes in many guises. Can Abbey find the one glimmer of hope or will she be overcome with the darkness of revenge? Here Lies Love is coming April 2014.

What do you think? I think the cover is very intriguing and mystic. Combined with the synopsis, this book looks like it’ll be a dark tale where only the light of love can be let in. I’m also curious as to what horrors and atrocities Abbey will have to endure and overcome. Either way, the cover does catch the eye and I’m always up for a red-headed heroine.
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Dan Thompson Author PicDan lives in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire (England) with his young daughter and his shabby dog, Skye.
He is the Author of the charity poetry book Life is all but a vast array of Colours and phobia Novella The Caseworker’s Memoirs. His first full length novel, A YA Fantasy entitled The Black Petal will be available soon. Also in 2014, a dark new adult novel entitled Here Lies Love will be released.
A lover of YA and fantasy fiction, you can often find him writing on his blog, writing book reviews and connecting online with other writer-type people and interviewing authors. Dan grew up reading Enid Blyton’s The Famous Five series, secretly coming up with his own inventive adventures, and R.L Stine’s The Goosebump series, before turning to the works of Philip Pullman, Eoin Colfer and Marcus Sedgwick and slipping away into alternate realities. He also loves a good Historical Thriller too.

Cover Reveal: Seconds Before Sunrise by Shannon A. Thompson

I am so honored and super excited to be part of the cover reveal for Shannon A. Thompson’s  Seconds Before Sunrise, the sequel to Minutes Before Sunset (which I LOVED!) and the second book in the Timely Death Trilogy. Seconds Before Sunrise will be available March 22, 2014. Here it is!!

SBS CoverTwo nightmares. One memory.

 “Chaos within destiny. It was the definition of our love.”

 Eric has weeks before his final battle when he’s in an accident. Forced to face his human side, he knows he can’t survive if he fights alone. But he doesn’t want to surrender, even if he becomes the sacrifice for war.

 Jessica’s memory isn’t the only thing she’s lost. Her desire to find her parents is gone and so is her confidence. But when fate leaves nightmares behind, she decides to find the boy she sees in them, even if it risks her sanity.

Did you know that the second book was written first? I can’t imagine not knowing what I know now about Eric and Jessica going into this book! However, it must have been fun for Thompson to go backward in time and figure out how Eric and Jessica met.  All I know is I am super pumped to see what happens now that Jessica’s lost her memory. I’m looking forward to her reliving all those beautiful moments with Eric, at least I hope she gets to remember!