The Movie Star’s Red Hot Holiday Fling by Christine Glover

I discovered Christine Clover at a recent book event, and I was intrigued by The Movie Star’s Red Hot Holiday Fling because it was described as a book with a female former marine who falls for an action movie star.

23491286Determined to qualify for the fire department’s grueling physical, former marine Jessie Sullivan never gives up, despite the pins in her leg. The last thing she needs is a tall, incredibly hot action movie star sharing her gym…and who makes her want to trade in her reps for some sexy physical activity. Of the naked kind.

Blake Johnston is more than just a Big Screen Sex Machine, and he’s willing to prove it. Especially to a spirited and sexy ex-marine like Jessie. But when a harmless dare leads to sizzling fireworks, Jessie and Blake’s workout ends up generating some serious heat between the sheets. And it’s more than Jessie could have imagined. Much, much more.

But flings don’t last forever. And in two weeks, Jessie will have to say goodbye to her red-hot Christmas fantasy…

I was very impressed with this story. I was immediately immersed in the writing and I connected with the main characters, Jessie and Blake. First, Jessie was a kickass, vulnerable heroine. I loved how she was struggling with PTSD and I appreciated the mention of missing the brotherhood of the military as an issue for reinserting herself into civilian society, which is a real thing. (I watch a lot of TED Talks, okay?) I loved her snark and self-reliance. Blake was an intriguing character. The reader is unsure of his intentions at first, and once they are revealed, one can’t help but fall in love with him.

My favorite thing about this novella is the flipped stereotypes – the woman who’s in the armed forces struggling with the effects of war and the action star trying to prove he’s more than abs and a pretty face. Their internal battles made for a compelling story line.

My only gripe would be that it was too short. I typically dislike novellas because I know they will be shorter in length. I like stories with a lot of depth and usually that means a higher page count. Another slight issue I had was the title; I tend to stay away from self-explanatory titles because I prefer the intrigue of a well-contrived one that grabs attention. However, I’m glad I read this hot little story. I’ll be putting more of Christine Glover’s work on my to be read list.

STARS: 4 out of 5


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