The Hunted by C.J. Hart

The Hunted by C.J. Hart just wasn’t for me.

26028508Just your average boy-meets-girl, boy-kills-people story.

The Native American Navajo tribe has stories of a monster so wicked, so blood-thirsty, that they are to be hunted down and slaughtered. But are they just legends? Or is something sinister lurking in the shadows? The Yee Naaldlooshi—skinwalkers—have the ability to transform themselves. And they can be anyone. Anything.

The Hunters—a group dedicated to tracking the creatures—are hot on their trail and they won’t stop until every last one is dead. But are they all as evil as foretold? Seb, alpha of the Taylor, Arizona reservation pack, begins to question the acts of their kind. But he’s broken a rule and must choose between killing the girl he loves or risking everything to save her. Cassie must fight for her survival. The pack is after her. And they’re no joke. Cass is about to find out how sadistic they can be.

I had a really hard time getting into this book. I stopped reading about a quarter of the way through. I’m not sure exactly what it was, but I’ll try to explain. It was one of those things where I saw more of the words within the pages not the world. I kept tripping over sentence structure and unanswered questions which prevented me from being immersed into the story.

This book seemed like it would be perfect for me. I am a diehard werewolf fanatic and I’m pretty lenient on the implausibility of a story as long as the plot holds my attention. In this case, I didn’t buy it. One factor was the two main characters, Seb and Cassie. There was no background or world-building to help me find my feet within the story, and the attraction between the two main characters was more like insta-infatuation instead of love. In fact, I didn’t understand why they were so drawn to each other. Why wouldn’t the author disclose how the characters felt?

Each chapter was short and filled with dialogue that was so forced and typical day-to-day chatter that I didn’t care to read further. Where was the complexity of the story? Why couldn’t the main characters explain their motives better? Perhaps these questions are answered later in the novel, but I didn’t have the energy to plow through the words to get there.

Stars: 1 out of 5

Thanks Clean Teen Publishing for a copy in exchange for an honest review!


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