Furious 7 is the seventh movie in the Fast & Furious franchise starring mega stars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker among many, many other names. This is Paul Walker’s last movie, who sadly died in a tragic car accident. The producers for this movie really pulled out all the stops.


I’ve been a fan of these movies since the beginning. I love fast cars and I’ve had a crush on Vin Diesel and Paul Walker since I was old enough to like boys.

Just when you think there is no more story to tell, there is a new threat to Dom’s family and he’s not going to let that fly. Brian O’Connor is a new daddy. Letty is struggling with not remembering her past and the rest of the family is all there. Danger leads the crew on a new adventure and it takes them around the world, most notably a stop in Abu Dhabi. (Cars do fly. Twice.) There was even a shout out to the third (and often forgotten) movie Tokyo Drift when they stop in Tokyo.

This movie has all the death-defying stunts and crazy hand-to-hand combat scenes you’d ever want. They really raised the bar (again) but almost to the point of unnecessariness (Is that a word?). However, the viewers have come to expect extraordinary even if it isn’t physically possible. There are badass cars and hot girls, but surprisingly limited racing. There is a lot more fighting action in this one. It was also hilarious. Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris were on pointe with the humor as well as Dwayne Johnson. The plot was surprisingly fresh despite the amount of movies in this franchise. It was true to the characters and was the right amount of serious and funny.

The ending was a beautiful tribute to Paul Walker. I was bawling in the middle of the theater. It was so touching. The producers could have simply put a “For Paul Walker” but they went the extra mile showing footage from earlier Fast & Furious movies, which played while Vin Diesel’s voiceover talked of family and never saying goodbye.

It was a thoroughly entertaining, show-stopping, heart-wrenching movie. Definitely go see it!

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