Movie Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

It’s finally here! The movie Fifty Shades of Grey premiered in theaters all over the world this weekend and I was one of the many ladies standing in line munching on popcorn impatiently waiting to see the most anticipated movie of the year.

untitledFirst, I’ve read the books (duh!) and the books are always better (double duh!) so I went in knowing the movie would be a loose adaptation of the novel, but I was still hoping the movie would stay true to the plot. I was relieved to find the movie closely followed the first book’s plot to the point where the endings were the same.

I was initially concerned about Dakota Johnson playing Anastasia Steele but she did an amazing job. All the teaser scenes released prior to the movie made it seem cheesy, but it wasn’t! Thank god it wasn’t! It was actually funny and not cheesy funny. I think Dakota Johnson really pulled off Ana’s witty comebacks and initial I’m-laughing-because-I’m-uncomfortable scenes. My favorite scene was Ana at the bar drunk dialing Christian with her “You say go away and then come here and then go away.” It was hysterical! It was also spot on with the book.

Now Jamie Dornan was perfect as Christian Grey. He pulled off the damaged billionaire bachelor perfectly and exerted both dominance and betrayed his vulnerability in each scene. He really captured the essence of Christian Grey.

Now most people want to hear about the scandalous sex scenes. They were pretty true to the book and there was nudity in the film, but it was very tasteful. Granted, there was still full on BDSM going on, but it wasn’t disrespectful to women or over the top raunchy. I’m sure there were plenty of blushing faces in the theater (including mine) but it pretty much followed the book. Most people knew what they were getting themselves into anyway.

Overall, I thought the movie was a great adaptation of the book. It was fun to watch and even more fun to talk about after the fact comparing scenes from the book and movie. The ending, much like the book’s ending, left viewers with a cliffhanger. I wish the movie would have captured Christian’s anger at Ana not using the safe word more like in the book. He seemed too docile and more indifferent or disappointed than angry. That’s really my only nitpick because I think it’s important that it’s clear that Christian thinks he’s in the right and that’s why he let’s her go, not because he feels like he’s a damaged person.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who thinks they will enjoy it. Now I know there are many haters, but it makes me mad when people who didn’t read the book or like the book go to see it and put it down. If it’s not your thing then don’t go see it!! If it is your thing, then be prepared for a treat. 🙂

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