Movie Review: Divergent

untitledWhere’s the dauntless cake? Because that’s the only thing missing from Divergent the movie. (Hey, I think it’s important!) Sure there were a million other little things that can only be captured in the words of Ms. Veronica Roth herself, but I’m trying not to have a book-reader-holier-than-movie-watchers moment.

First, I’m still in full-on grieving mode from the conclusion of the Divergent series, Allegiant. So from the moment the movie started, I was on the verge of tears. (I know this makes me look like a psycho but it’s true.) Plus, it was so beautiful to see Divergent on the big screen because the book was so good. The world of Divergent was so vivid between the pages of Roth’s book, that it felt like I was seeing the movie for the second or third time because it looked/felt like the world I once delved into.

Overall, the movie followed very closely with the book with the exception of the dauntless cake and the subsequent “parent visit,” which is where Tris originally figures out her mother was once of a different faction. Everything else was pretty much by the book and each character was as sexy/scary/intimidating/funny as they were supposed to be. The action was awesome and the threat of becoming factionless was a tangible fear that I felt the audience really understood and could connect to.

I felt the character of Tris was wonderfully cast and I freakin’ loved her hair, like the entire time. Plus, who could forget Four who was absolutely perfect (which the actor is British in real life so his accent makes him even more swoon-worthy). I really enjoyed the tattoos and how they were important to who the dauntless were. Plus, getting to finally see Four’s tattoos was one of my favorite scenes.

Fans of the Divergent series will enjoy this movie. It’s true to Roth’s intentions and is filled with the same amount of danger and wonder from the books. The book will always be better but this movie was a beautifully-done adaptation that I hope will only draw more and more people to pick up the book and lose themselves in the “real” world of Divergent.

 STARS: 5 out of 5


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