Mark of the Corripian by B. H. Parker

B.H. Parker recently reached out to me through email to review her book, Mark of the Corripian. She personally mailed me a copy which is so sweet and super exciting. She also lives in Alabama, which is where I reside. So it’s awesome to support a local Alabama author.

19323998In a world defined by separation, one Ability shall unite them all.

Hundreds of years from now, humans survive on the planet Macathia, where they have each developed a unique power called an Ability. These humans are separated into two societies, Solum or Kedesh, depending on their type of Ability. The land outside the two countries is occupied by the Kairian race, who has inhabited Macathia from the beginning.

Zenia was trained by her father from a young age to skillfully utilize her Ability and to defend herself from an attacker, but none of those teachings matter after she witnesses a brutal murder outside the strict borders of Solum. Forced to leave her home, she is placed in the seemingly capable hands of a knowledgeable, albeit secretive, young man. He may be the only one capable of keeping Zenia alive, but he seems to be following an agenda of his own.

Xavier doesn’t remember leaving Kedesh or joining his current agency in Solum. All he has are a dog tag with someone else’s name on it and an eerie tattoo on his right arm. So when the opportunity arises to recover his forgotten memories, Xavier decides to take a chance, even if it may be a trap and may mean placing the life of an innocent Solumian girl in danger. Is reclaiming his forgotten memories worth the death of one girl?

Amidst it all, an ancient prophecy foretelling a war between the human and Kairian races is coming true, and the only one able to save the world from its ultimate destruction will bear the mark of the Corripian.

First, I have to point out that B.H. Parker wrote this while she was still in high school. What an amazing feat! I could barely write a five page paper in high school, let alone an entire book. To write a book and get it published before the age of 20 is crazy awesome. Kudos to Ms. Parker!

Mark of the Corripian had such an intriguing and unique plotline. Set in a futuristic world where a war is brewing between humans and the Kairian race, this story was very well thought out and exciting.  I loved the idea of different super powers and the story kept getting better and better with each new little twist or bit of information.

This story is told in alternating point of views between Zenia and Xavier. Both of them had very distinct voices, which made the alternating fonts from chapter to chapter unnecessary (Similar to Marie Lu’s Legend series). It was distracting at first but then I got used to it. I have to say that Xavier was definitely my favorite. His background and issues were intriguing and the story slowly unravels the mysteries of his past. I couldn’t wait to figure out the reasons behind his scars and lost memory. Zenia was an interesting character. She was both damsel in distress and badass chick. In the beginning, she was very independent and defiant, which I loved. However, towards the end she seemed to be more damsel in distress, always being afraid and crying — lots of crying. I appreciated the vulnerability but when she was hiding her skills during training, I kind of wanted to smack her. She needed to kick ass and take names!! With the ending, I’m looking forward to seeing more growth and gumption. Although, I really liked that she was compassionate and caring. It’s one of those things where you shouldn’t mistake kindness for weakness. Zenia, as a character, has lots of potential.

The relationship between Xavier and Zenia was hot and cold. The dynamics between Xavier’s hard exterior and Zenia’s warmth was fun to watch but I was hoping for more romance. Parker really makes the reader wait for it; it’s almost the end of the novel before any feelings are expressed. In the next book, I’m hoping for more chemistry between them.

I loved the action in this book. At one point, Zenia has to undergo an evaluation, which was very similar to the fear simulations in Divergent by Veronica Roth. This was probably my favorite part because Zenia finally shows off her skills. I basically loved anything that had to do with physical combat but the use of their abilities was awesome too. Johnny, a muse who can read minds and such, was hilarious. I instantly liked him as a character.

I really enjoyed reading this book. At times, I could tell the writer was inexperienced based on some of the wild swings in the narrative and a certain sense of detachment between the reader and the characters, but this was an amazing debut for someone so young.  The story itself was unique and kept me on the edge of my seat. I’m excited to see further development in the writing as the story progresses. Since this is only book one in a series, there are a lot of loose ends. With a war looming and the characters having to pick sides, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

STARS: 3.5 out of 5

Thanks B.H. Parker for a copy in exchange for an honest review!

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