Two Year Blogoversary Giveaway and Resolutions!

imagesCAWKK8IAToday is my two year blogoversary! Two years ago, I made a New Years resolution to start a book blog and I did it…and it’s been two years! Last year, I set some Bookish resolutions (you can read them here), so let’s see how I did AND create some new ones.

Here’s last year’s resolutions:

1. Read more. Mission accomplished! I have no idea how many books I read but it’s been a lot. I posted 50 reviews last year. That’s about one a week.

2. Buy more books. Again, mission accomplished! I am currently shopping for another bookcase I have so many new books. I am like 10 bookcases away from my dream of creating the Beauty and the Beast library. Plus, the one-click button on my Amazon app is dangerously easy to use, but the book shows up on my doorstep in just two short days! You can’t beat that; it’s semi-instant gratification! Not to mention clicking “buy” on my Nook, which IS instant gratification, but my goal was to fill shelves this year.

3. Get more into the blog community. Didn’t do so well here. I started following some really cool blogs though (such as It’s a Book Life, Finding Bliss in Books, and Book Addict’s Guide) but I haven’t commented very much. However, without my morning book reviews, which I read EVERY morning like clockwork, my day would not be complete.

4. Stick to a schedule. I sorta/kinda accomplished this. I plan out what I’m going to post but I don’t really stick to a schedule.

5. Worry less about my blog. I think I half accomplished this. At times I probably didn’t worry enough about my blog but I still want to be laid-back about it so I keep my passion for reading.

6. Start rating books. Totally rocked this goal! By rating books, it really helped me rank which books are better than others, which ultimately helped me when I wrote reviews.

So now for this year’s resolutions:

1. Participate in a book challenge. There are so many to choose from and they look like so much fun. Perhaps I’ll try the Debut Author Challenge or to make it easy the TBR Challenge. It does seem like a bit of a commitment though. I’ll try at least one challenge this year.

2. Attend a book event. I live close to a few major cities so there has to be some kind of book festival somewhere I can go to! I would love to make it to BEA one day but it’s nearly impossible to get the money and the time off to go. Plus, I’d need a friend just as obsessed with reading to come with me.

3. Get more into the blog community-Take two. Okay, I did try last year but this year I want to seriously try! I love to talk about books but just posting reviews is so one-sided. I want to have a conversation with people! So my goal is to comment a couple times a week.

4.Review more. Last year, I read a lot but I probably only wrote reviews for half the books I read. The whole point of starting this blog was to keep track of what I read and what I thought about them so I can make recommendations to other people. It is my goal to get people to read and when they find something they absolutely love, it makes my day. 🙂 Plus, I want to get back into reviewing movies. That’s always fun.

5. Host a Giveaway. I feel like a failure as a book blogger since I’ve never hosted a giveaway. Well, that’s all about to change. To kick off my first bookish resolution of the year, I am hosting one RIGHT NOW!


Post one of your bookish resolutions in the comments below and I’ll put the names in a hat and randomly draw a winner. The lucky winner will receive a book of their choice (that’s available on Amazon under $20) delivered to their doorstep! The giveaway will close at 11:59pm Monday, January 13. The winner will receive an email Tuesday morning.


12 thoughts on “Two Year Blogoversary Giveaway and Resolutions!

  1. My bookish resolution is to branch out and read more books in different genres. YA is my jam, but there’s SO MUCH ELSE out there! YA can’t be the only genre that rocks. I shall conquer ALL the genres! (Well, maybe not all.) 🙂 Happy Blogoversary!

  2. My bookish resolution is to buy hardback copies of the books I love! I use the library so I don’t have to commit long term, but I need to work on a Beauty and the Beast library of my own.

  3. I haven’t been able to pick up a book to read in a long time. I love to read, but it is hard with two girls. My goal is in the next month, I’m going to read and finish a book.

  4. My bookish resolution is to actually cook something from all of my new cookbooks… Once I’m done reading Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”

  5. My resolution is to explore more genres! Right now it’s pretty limited to “textbook” but I’d love to branch out more. It would also be nice to start and finish 1 fun read each month 🙂

  6. Bookish Resolution: Use the library more! I love having my copies of books, but hate buying and being disappointed with some. Plus libraries are made of awesome.

  7. Well my resolution is in the name of my wifey, to try to read a few more actual paper books than on my iPad to fully enjoy the experience, as she would say 😉

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