Tempt the Stars by Karen Chance

Karen Chance is one of my all-time favorite authors and the Cassandra Palmer series is also one of my top favorites. It’s one of those stories that I continually think about and come back to again and again. So I was ecstatic when the sixth book, Tempt the Stars by Karen Chance, FINALLY came out.

12528745Being a goddess is a lot less fun than you might think. Especially when you’re only a half goddess, and you only found out about it recently, and you still don’t know what you’re doing half the time. And when you’ve just used your not-so-reliable powers to burglarize the booby-trapped office of a vampire mob boss.

Yeah, that part sucks.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Cassandra Palmer, aka the Pythia, the freshly minted chief seer of the supernatural world. After all, Cassie still has to save a friend from a fate worse than death, deal with an increasingly possessive master vampire, and prevent a party of her own acolytes from unleashing a storm of fury upon the world. Totally just your average day at the office, right?

I have a confession to make. It has been years since the last book came out and all I remember is devouring it in one sitting and loving it, but for the life of me I couldn’t remember how it ended. Within the first few pages of this book, I was googling the crap out of spoilers from the previous book, Hunt the Moon, to get a refresher. I ended up re-reading the last few chapters just to get up to speed. If you haven’t read the series stop now because I’m about to give a recap. Basically, Cassie finds out her mom is Artemis, the goddess. Her dad worked with the black circle, and in a heartbreaking ending, Pritkin (who’s a half-incubus demon!) gives up his freedom on earth and is banished back to hell because he gives Cassie “energy” to save her life through a sexy kiss. All of this leads us to the beginning of book six, where despite the many years that have passed since this series started, it’s only been a few months in Cassie years.

I’m torn with this book. I love this story but this book was so one-sided. Cassie comes up with a plan to invade hell and get Pritkin back no matter what and she’s still struggling with being the new Pythia. And as a member of Team Mircea, I regret to inform you he is not in this book. I repeat NOT in this book. Okay, so there is one sexy scene (the ONLY one mind you.) but for the most part Cassie is saving Pritkin and Mircea is somewhere else. I’m dying to know what Mircea thought when he found his girlfriend butt-naked kissing Pritkin on her coronation day! I guess we’ll have to wait another year or so until the next installment? 😦

However, if you are team Pritkin, you are in for a treat! Cassie really has to define her feelings and motives to do what it takes to save him. This book has a heartbreaking but hopeful ending and at one point Pritkin (sort of) talks about his feelings toward Cassie. As a sucker for love triangles, I’m not sure what’s going to happen here, but it’s going to be interesting!

There was a lot of action in this book in true Chance style, and she did not disappoint. I just miss Mircea. The next installment, Reap the Wind, comes out in 2014 and I hope it’s sooner rather than later because, after that ending, I have to know what happens next.

STARS: 4 out of 5


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