Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

I finally had the chance to see the final movie in the Twilight Series, Breaking Dawn Part 2. I usually always go to the midnight show, (I’m a little hardcore about these things.) but life got in the way and I couldn’t go. (I guess that means I’m getting old…)
The best part of watching the Twilight movies is reliving the Twilight books all over again. As laughable as the first Twilight movie was, it was pretty close to what happened in the book. To me, that is the MOST important thing about a movie adaptation. The following Twilight movies got better and better with more money filing in due to the popularity of the series, and they always stayed true to the books. I haven’t read Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer since the midnight book release in 2008 which I stayed up all night to finish. So, it was nice to be reminded of what happened and to see that the movie preserved some awesome moments, like when Bella freaks out at Jacob for nicknaming her daughter after the Lochness Monster. Priceless!
If you’re not a Twilight fan, this movie isn’t for you. But if you are, this final movie was a great ending to an amazing series. Kristen Stewart (who I honestly despise but put up with for the sake of Twilight) looked awesome as a vampire. I didn’t really buy her “mom” side but I wasn’t a fan of Stephanie Meyer ending her love story with a baby, anyway. It kind of creeped me out. Robert Pattinson (who I also despise but loved in Harry Potter) probably did his best acting as Edward Cullen and a caring father. I kind of liked him after it was all said and done. And Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black was as delicious as ever. (Team Jacob here!) The scene with Bella’s Dad, Charlie, was hysterical!!
I even loved all the secondary characters collected for the sake of the showdown with the Volturi. Although, there were only brief introductions, I thought it was just enough to cause attachment.
Now remember when I said I liked being reminded of what happened in the books? I kind of forgot what happened specifically. I knew how it ended but I couldn’t remember exactly what happened and I don’t want to spoil anything, but I was almost thrown off with everyone else who hadn’t read the book with Alice’s “vision” in the end. For a split second, I thought the movie producers took the movie down a different path. Thankfully, they didn’t.
It’s hard when a series ends. (I mourned for weeks after Harry Potter ended and again when the movies wrapped up.) It was the same with Twilight. I do remember being dissatisfied with the book, Breaking Dawn, simply because of the baby element but it was still a great series. The way the movie producers paid tribute to the movie series in the end was heart-warming. It really brought everything together and reminded viewers and readers alike of the journey that was Twilight, emphasizing the book itself.  I want to cry just thinking about it! Haters can hate, but Twilight was an amazing series. Edward, Bella and Jacob will be a staple for our generation.
I’d recommend seeing it. If you’re a fan, you won’t be disappointed. Another great series is under our generation’s belt, to join other series like Harry Potter. It’s sad when the final page is turned, but to live the journey makes it so unbelievably worth it.


One thought on “Movie Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

  1. I love almost everything about the movie , all the character they like wow but most of all I salute Kristen Steward,Rob and Taylor they outdone themselves through all the series thank you guys for your performances

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