Fifty Shades Darker by E. L. James

It’s Day Two of Three Days of Grey!

WARNING: This book is meant for readers 18 and older. This book includes ADULT content.

After devouring the first book, I HAD to read the second as soon as possible. Fifty Shades Darker by E. L. James is a fitting and progressive sequel.

Anastasia Steele has left Christian Grey. She isn’t what he needs and she had to leave him. Unfortunately, she is lost and miserable without him. When Christian proposes another contract, she can’t help but rekindle the flame. Will Ana get burned?

I am in love with this series. The first book was a little too much but I’m all the more grateful for it now since it contrasts nicely with the second book. Fifty Shades Darker? It should be called Fifty Shades Lighter! There was still kinky sex but it was more hot than repulsive. Christian and Ana’s relationship really evolves in this book. They grow to love each other and that love translates to the bedroom, or in this case the red room of pain. 😉 I love how complicated their relationship is. Even though there are redeeming moments of love, it’s not a complete happily ever after; Christian doesn’t completely change his ways. This makes it more believable and leaves room for character development.

There were so many surprising moments! My absolute favorite is the moment that Christian thinks Ana is going to leave him again. I watched in wide-eyed wonder at such a raw, real moment. It blew me away. I was shocked at the many breakthroughs in Christian. It was endearing and made me fall in love with him, all the more. Ana and Christian really are perfect for each other. I am so impressed by James. She is an amazing writer. For a book that contains a lot of sex, it never got old. Each time it was different and the story progressed because of it, unlike the romance novels that include meaningless sex sessions. James’ uncanny ability to create such a complicated character as Christian, and then continue to play out his struggle through his habits in order to be with Ana, is absolutely astounding. I am a huge fan!

 I was a little surprised to see where the plot went. I got half-way through the book and it seemed like there was climax after climax (no pun intended! haha), and I thought what else could possibly happen!?! Yet James kept building up the plot for another event to take the reader by surprise. I am thoroughly intrigued to see where she’s going to take the third book, Fifty Shades Freed.  

 The book wrapped up with a small happy-ever-after that made me just want to smile and sigh, yet the ominous twist at the end left me eager to read the next book. This is one of the most progressive sequels I’ve ever read; it really transformed the series for me. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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