Legend by Marie Lu

Originally, I hesitated to pick up this book due to its cover. I don’t really like it, but this is the classic do NOT judge a book by its cover. Legend by Marie Lu was amazing!
The United States is no longer united, seperated between the Republic and the Colonies, the countries are at war. June is a 15-year-old prodigy genius who’s flown through school and training and can’t wait for her chance to work for the Republic as a detective. Unfortunately, her chance comes when her brother, Metias, is killed by the infamous criminal, Day. June sets off on a mission to avenge her brother’s death and nothing is as it seems.
Marie Lu had me at page one. I love June; she’s strong, daring, and basically bad ass. Her relationship with her brother, Metias, was heartwarming. Since her parents death, Metias is all she has and he’s taken away with the cruel chance of fate. I really liked Metias as a character; I’m sad he disappears so quickly, but the reader is attached enough to feel as much need for vengence as June does. Her plan leads her to scour the poor regions in search of Day, the most wanted criminal in the Republic.  
This book was so exciting! I throughly enjoyed the skiz fight. As a public gambling fistfight, opponents fight until the other taps out, then the winner must choose another from the crowd to fight. There are no exceptions. When a small, helpless girl is chosen to fight, June steps in. Remember, June is badass, yet with the ensuing chaos she needs rescuing. Enter Day. *sigh*
The chemistry between Day and June was electrifying. I loved how they didn’t realize who the other was until after they’d inevitably fallen for each other. The passion was instantly ignited and I want more! I loved how kick ass both Day and June were, the physcial feats they accomplished and their arrogant confidence was a joy to read. I loved the layers of betrayal in this novel. Thomas, June’s brother’s best friend, is an amazingly crafted character. Day’s brother, John, and his whole family were great. I loved them all. The character relationships were really solid. There are so many sacrifices and what-kind-of-person-you want-to-be decision-making. I loved it.
Marie Lu is my new favorite author. She was inspired to write this novel from the Broadway muscial, “Les Miserables”. She thought it would be interesting to see how a modern-day infamous criminal and detective would play out, with romance obviously. As an avid fan of Les Mis, I will support Miss Lu forever and ever; her modern day interpretation was absolutely breath-taking.
I devoured this book in one day and it was amazing. I highly recommend this book. The second book, Prodigy, comes out in January 2013.  Check out the cover. I think I like this one better.

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