Fair Game by Patricia Briggs

After reading Fair Game by Patricia Briggs, the third book in the Alpha and Omega Series, I am so happy with where Briggs is taking her series. She succeeded in creating  fresh, new opportunities for conflict in her characters lives. I am utterly impressed.
The werewolves have come out to the public, and they can’t afford bad publicity. Charles, the Marrok’s enforcer, is haunted by the many he’s killed. Were their deaths justified? He’s blocking out his mate and Omega, Anna. In an effort to revitalize Charles, his father the Marrok, sends Charles and Anna on a buisness trip as consultants on werewolf behavior for the FBI in an effort to capture a serial killer.  In this suspenseful novel, there is turmoil between the Alpha and Omega as well as non-stop action, and when what Charles loves most is put in jeopardy, the pursuit of the serial killer becomes personal.
I really enjoyed this novel. The relationship between Anna and Charles was really genuine. I liked how Charles was haunted by the people he’s killed and when they’ve become too much he blocks out Anna in an effort to keep her safe from the pain and guilt. It was nice to see his feelings expressed no matter how misled his decisions were. I liked seeing Charles, basically the Marrok’s personal assasin, show fear. Throughout the novel, he continues to express in little ways how much he loves Anna. Towards the end, his fear which causes him to block Anna out and cut off their mate connection almost makes him lose everything. I also loved the native american heritage and rituals Briggs ties into Charles’ character. It makes the ghosts that harm him more believable.
Anna is such an awesome character. She exhibits such strength despite her horrific past and she throws everything she is into loving her mate, Charles. I love how she won’t give up on him no matter how much Charles shuts her out. I admire those qualities. I liked seeing her underestimated in the serial killer case, from both sides. The climax towards the end of the book was a bit cliche and expected but it was excellent execution. Briggs writes with a sure hand and an imaginative heart. I really like her. Her inventive Fae characters are my favorite; in this novel, there is an antlered Fae Beast Anna and Charles encounter. It’s exciting, people!
I also LOVED the references to Mercy and Adam from the Mercy Thompson series, also written by Patricia Briggs. The books go along the same timeline so you kind of get to see a little glimpse into how Mercy and Adam are doing after River Marked.  It takes talent to mix the two worlds but keep the voices and characters seperate.
Now let’s talk about the ending. It was heart-stopping! I loved it: the father heartbroken over the decision made including his daughter, the revelation of who he really is, AND what he does about it! This will alter everything in the Alpha and Omega series as well as the Mercy Thompson series. Regardless, I love where Briggs is taking things; it will make for a very tension-filled, exciting ride in future books.
I would highly recommend anything written by Patricia Briggs. She is a very consistent author who delivers an action-packed, gasping-for-more novel every time. Fair Game is just another great example of that. If you haven’t started reading her stuff, you should.


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