The Hunger Games Movie Review

Just a few short hours ago, I experienced the awe of seeing Suzanne Collins’ novel The Hunger Games come to life on the big screen. So many thoughts and emotions were going through my head during the entire movie. It’s amazing to see how the world of Panem is viewed in other people’s eyes.

This much anticipated movie is being released today in theaters everywhere. I had the pleasure of seeing the midnight showing. It was interesting to see more of a mix in the theater; there were more boys than at a Twilight midnight showing for example. It was refreshing to see that The Hunger Games captivates the heart of a dynamic, diverse group.

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth, Hunger Games is the story of a society in the future where a boy and girl from each of the 12 districts of Panem must fight to the death on live television in penance to the Capitol because of an uprising in the story’s history.

In short, I LOVED IT! It was amazing, incredible, better than I thought it could be! (Note: I know this is what everyone says about their favorite book turned movie. This isn’t bad like Twilight, people. This was truly amazing.) I know everyone wants to know, how close was it to the book? It was practically spot on. There weren’t any crazy, cinematic embellishments; it was just Collin’s story come to life. For the diehard fan like me, there are some minor discrepancies in certain turning points in the plot, but overall, I was satisfied to know that Director Gary Ross didn’t destroy this amazing story.

I was blown away by the impeccable acting. I was literally crying within the first 10 minutes because Primrose Everdeen, played by actress Willow Shields, was completely believable as Katniss’ sister; it was the right amount of innocence and fear for her age. I loved seeing Jennifer Lawerence as Katniss Everdeen. She had amazing chemistry with all the other actors. Her relationship with Primrose was almost heartbreaking with how much she loved her, and of course, the complicated relationships with both Peeta and Gale had electricity jumping off the screen. Katniss’ relationship with Rue, the female tribute from District 11, was heartbreakingly similar to the love that Katniss has for her own sister who is around the same age. I was utterly impressed by all of their mad skills!

The only character that I was deeply concerned about when the cast list first came out was Lenny Kravitz as the Capitol designer, Cinna. However, I must say he pulled it off. It certainly isn’t the same Cinna that I had pictured in my head but he did an amazing job.

Everything about the Hunger Games Arena and the tribute parade was exactly like I had envisioned it. I was impressed at Josh Hutcherson’s ability to bring out Peeta’s sense of humor in the most dire of situations and Liam Hemsworth’s classic pained facial expressions as Gale when he’s trying to not watch the games and possibly the love of his life getting killed on live television.

I was a little perturbed in how the movie ended, not the plot obviously but the way it was portrayed. The scenes seemed to be randomly put there. The only bad thing I have to say about this movie is the cinematography almost put me into Epileptic Shock. There were too many sequences of quick shot changes while everything was moving. It was a little nauseating and my eyes had a hard time tracking everything. However, I thought it was a great way to show all the death while keeping the PG-13 rating.

All I have to say is Bravo! The Odds were in our favor and Hunger Games will be a blockbuster hit. I cannot wait until the next movie and I’m proud that this movie will give justice to the book. However, it is but a shallow glimpse into the amazing world that Suzanne Collins’ created. I would highly recommend reading the book if you haven’t, and of course, go see the movie!

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