The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

If you haven’t read it yet (Seriously?! You haven’t??), let me encourage you to do so.

Hunger Games has a very special place in my heart, right next to Harry Potter and Twilight. Well, maybe above Twilight, below Harry Potter.

Anyway, we all know the movie is coming out for the first book on… (Is that a drum roll I hear? Nope, it’s the pounding anticipation of my heart!) March 23, 2012. And let me tell you, I am SO excited! I’m really worried they won’t follow the book EXACTLY. However, Suzanne Collins did help a lot with the Script writing so I have faith that she will not allow the movie to stray too far away from the original.

Here are my thoughts on Hunger Games.

Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins…where it all started. For those who don’t already know, this is a story about a 16-year-old girl named Katniss Everdeen who lives in a dystopian society that requires a boy and girl from each of the 12 districts to fight to the death on live television once a year. She volunteers herself in order to save her little sister, Primrose Everdeen. She is trained and transformed to participate in the Games against her will. She must fight in order to survive and return to her family and best friend Gale, but that also means she must take down her district partner Peeta, whose quiet demeanor and strong spirit sparks her compassion.

First, I am Team Gale. He is the strong best friend that taught Katniss how to hunt and in turn save her family from starvation. I love useful men. Being ridiculously attractive, in my head of course, doesn’t hurt.

Second, everyone I know is Team Peeta. I can understand how his personality wins everyone else over. He is so sweet and self-sacrificing, not to mention a total hopeless romantic.

Don’t take my word for it. You should decide for yourself, that’s half the fun when reading the series.  Katniss is such a strong heroine. If I was put in a fight to the death arena, I’d probably lie down and cry until I was killed or I’d immediately trip and fall on a spear. Either way, I’d be dead. Katniss is such a fierce competitor with the heartbreaking motivation to get back home to the sister she sacrificed herself for. She’s amazing. The only thing that bothered me about Katniss is that she never showed her emotions. She is the type of girl that will never admit she has feelings for someone. I was perturbed at times but that’s what makes the love triangle so juicy. You have NO idea who she likes best.

I tell everyone that the best thing about this book is Suzanne Collin’s writing. She has the most amazing character development. You can practically feel the emotions they feel and you can understand each character because they are explained so well.

Another amazing thing about her writing is the action. I mean only Collin’s genius mind could think of the complexities in the Hunger Games Arena. The relationships between the tributes and the differences between their strengths and weaknesses really make the Games exciting. I LOVED Rue, the very young district 11 tribute, and I loved the delicate yet strong bond between her and Katniss during the fight for their lives. Genius, pure genius.

This novel is a total jaw-dropping, edge-of-your-seat experience. At one point, I found myself crying in public, usually I can abstain myself but it’s THAT good. I loved every minute of it and it called to my “revenge and bloodshed” side. You should definitely succumb to the amazingness that is the Hunger Games, if you haven’t already; and May the Odds be ever in your favor!


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